Dentistry for the Elderly

At Hampstead Dental Specialists we try and help our more mature patients keep their teeth for life. We have a unique way of not only helping our patients with their oral health, and therefore averting preventable issues, but also giving you a dazzling smile.

Whitening may be seen by many as only for the young and Hollywood stars, but it can have amazing benefits for those of any age. Many or our elderly patients whiten their teeth using trays that are specially made and fitted to your teeth which can also be used for fluoride application to help strengthen and protect the teeth.

Another option is restorative bondings that will restore cracked, chipped and broken front teeth with minimal preparation. They match the shade of your teeth so will still look completely natural.
Do you have dentures? Many of our patients have chosen to replace their dentures with implants at our practice, knowing that they will have the experience and support from some of the best specialists in these fields. However, the implants are not only used to replace dentures but also to support crowns and bridges.

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